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Abigail escape room poster
Kettering BRANCH
Difficulty Level:


The ghost of Abigail walks the hallways of a now derelict Hallows House. Your team of paranormal investigators have now realised that this is no longer a research mission, but a mission to survive? READ MORE
Dead Mans Cove escape room poster
Kettering BRANCH
Difficulty Level:

Dead Mans Cove

Capture and imprisoned on a ship heading towards Dead Man's Cove, you must try and find a way to break free and get onto their raft before the pirates reach their destination, and escape your doom. READ MORE
VX 2.0 escape room poster
Kettering & Leeds BRANCH
Difficulty Level:

VX 2.0

It’s the year 2040 and you’ve been sent on a covert mission to retrieve the deadly chemical weapon known as VX 2.0 which has been created to spark a world war and wipe out humanity as we know it. READ MORE