We trap a small group of people inside one of our amazing themed rooms with the very simple task – escape within 60 minutes or face being Trapp’d forever!

Participants will use their teamwork skills, intuition and intelligence to crack challenging codes, solve mind bending puzzles and unlock cryptic clues which will ultimately lead to their escape.

Every room has a story and you must use the elements of the room to solve the ultimate puzzle and escape in time.

Our Escape Rooms are unique to Trapp’d. Our team of designers, engineers, carpenters and tech wizards hand-craft all of our Escape Rooms in-house to ensure every detail is perfect and every customer can immerse themselves in another world for an hour.

Launched in 2016, we now operate multiple venues around the UK and have grown into one of Europe’s largest Escape Room providers.



The concept is simple, we put you and a friend inside a room, give you protective clothing, a choice of weapons and let you smash, crush and destroy everything in sight.

DESTROY’D is the perfect release of stress and tension or just a fun excuse to obliterate everything you can get your hands on. It’s also a 30 minute calorie burning workout like you’ve never seen before.

Launched in 2019, we are now the largest provider of Rage Rooms in the world.