Is This The UK’s Most Terrifying Escape Room?

15 June 2016 - news

Welcome to our terrifying Penteville Motel… the most frightening, blood-curdling escape room in the UK. Located at our Corby branch is a brand new and exhilarating escape room experience.

If you feel brave enough to attempt a night in this shabby motel room then bring a spare pair of pants… you’ll need them. Our Motel manager has a sick idea of fun and his torment tools have your name written all over them. Hidden somewhere inside the room you have unfortunately been checked into is his sadistic torture chamber where he silently sneaks out and abducts his hapless victims. What most guests fail to realise is that once you are locked in, there is only one cryptic way to escape – or die!


‘Wasn’t quite sure what to expect however, had the most fantastic experience – scared, excited, frustrated, exhausted, jubilant! So many emotions in one hour! Can’t give too much away but, the Motel room had superior attention to detail, can’t imagine you will ever find better.’

‘It’s fair to say this was probably the most intensive and thinking room you have to do!! From the minute you get into the room you have it felt as though we really were locked in there until we found our way out! The room we did the second time was the “Motel” room and by far this was the best.’ ‘It’s so exhilarating when you solve a clue and it all comes together. But watch out as the clock ticks so fast! Such an exhilarating room, fantastic experience… I dare you to go and try!’

In this petrifying and gruesome room you will need to work together with your team mates more than ever. Your only hope of survival is to escape before he returns! Adrenaline will be pumping, your senses will be heightened and your mental state may crack. Try to remain calm, keep a level- head and decipher what you see before you. Remember – don’t split up from your team or it could be you on the slaughter table! Please Note: This room is for over 16’s only.

Please do not participate if you are pregnant. Participants with heart conditions must check with a doctor before playing. Panic attacks, seizures and pant-wetting may occur.