15 November 2017 - news

Our third venue has now opened in Peterborough! This is an exciting stage for our little Trapp’d team as we now feel we are starting to gather a little collection of venues. But we won’t lie; the Peterborough build has been a mammoth task. These rooms are far more grand and complicated than any of our previous ones.

Our first challenge was trying to avoid padlocks and create puzzles based purely on fun, but we feel like we pulled it off. Unlike most other escape rooms, the puzzles we have created for these rooms are more activity-based. You physically have to complete something rather than open a padlock which in itself, sounds bizarre.

Our second challenge was making the rooms look as authentic as humanly possible. We always take appearances very seriously but these rooms needed to top everything we’ve done before – and they certainly do! The Cirque Delirium is just an overload of colour in every inch of the room, creative hand-painted signs and walls and vibrant bunting to really set the tone. As for the Red Rock room – it really is like stepping onto the set of a Clint Eastwood film! Cacti everywhere, the desert sand beneath your feet… there’s even a general store, a bank and a sheriff’s office!

Of course there were set backs. A few weeks into the build the big officials came in and there were a few disputes regarding certain things we could and couldn’t do. Luckily, we got the go ahead but it pushed us back a precious 5 weeks! The team really had to pull together to get it launched in time but we managed to do it! By some hard work, long days and the amazing dream team, we had perfectly executed our best rooms yet.

The creative stories for each of these rooms can be found on the ‘Rooms’ page of the website. We really pushed our creative boundaries with these rooms and we hope you like them just as much as we do. Onto the next one!